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You're Just One Funnel Away...
Discover 'Your' Funnel At This Year's Funnel Hacking LIVE!
February 19th - 23rd, 2019 In Nashville, Tennessee
"Join Russell Brunson and 4,500 Other AMAZING 'Funnel Hackers' At This Year's Funnel Hacking LIVE!"
- Private Concert! -
YouTube Superstar!
Lindsey Stirling 
You Could Literally Be Just A Few Small Tweaks Away From Your Own
"Two Comma Club" Funnel... 
But do you know which tweaks you need to make?
We'll show you at funnel hacking LIVE!

From: Russell Brunson
Boise, Idaho

Dear Funnel Hacker,

Yes, it's that time of year again... 

Funnel Hacking LIVE is just around the corner, and we wanted to send this as your official invitation to join us

Each year we bring together the world's top funnel builders, and share with each other EXACTLY what's working, and how you can implement these things inside of your company!

At this year's Funnel Hacking Live, you will meet hundreds of other entrepreneurs who are just like you...  

Some who came last year not knowing what to expect... 

And THIS YEAR will be on stage SHOWING you the exact funnels they used to get to the top

You'll literally be sitting in a room with HUNDREDS of other funnel millionaires, and my message for you is this...
  •  YOU Are Next...
  • It's YOUR Time...
  •  It's YOUR Turn! 
You're Just One Funnel Away...
Discover 'Your' Funnel At This Year's Funnel Hacking LIVE!
The "Two Comma Club"
At Funnel Hacking Live 2017, we gave away 85 Two Comma Club awards to entrepreneurs who generated over $1 Million with their funnel.   
At the 2018 event, we expect to give away
200+ Two Comma Club Awards!  
If you're getting that award, you need to be here...
If you're not yet, than you need to be here to see what these 200+ people discovered at last years "Funnel Hacking LIVE" so that by this time next year you can be on stage getting your 'Two Comma Club' Award!
Let me show you what you'll be experiencing at this year's Funnel Hacking LIVE!
Day 1: The Foundation
Vince Lombardi started out every season by holding up a game ball and slowly saying, "Gentlemen, this is a football."  

The foundation is the key to success.  If you build your business on a strong foundation, then it will not fail.  With the right foundation, all of our "funnel hacks" will amplify what you do... without it, it won't matter what you attempt, because your impact will not last long.
Day 2: The Funnels
Our panel of funnel hackers will show you EXACTLY what funnels are working to quickly scale their companies. 

Each speaker will bring a different type of funnel that you can model for your own company!

• Summit Funnels
• Ecommerce Funnels
• Webinar Funnels
• Contest Funnels
• High Ticket Funnels
• Follow Up Funnels
• And More!    
Day 3: The Traffic
Now that you have the funnels... the next step is filling those funnels with traffic!  

• How do you get people into your funnels?  
• How do you get them to buy?
• How do you get them to come back to buy from you over and over again!?!

Our speakers will show you their secrets behind what they are currently doing to get continuous leads, and ascend them through the sales process to become customers.  
Day 4: Impact and Legacy
Day #4 is usually my favorite day.  This is where we shift focus from YOU making money... to your company creating an impact in other people's lives... and leaving your own legacy!

Business is not about serving yourself... it's about serving others.  When you learn how to shift your focus to impact and legacy, the money will follow.
Tuesday February 19th
Travel, Registration, and Networking
 Mandatory Registration From 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
The event kicks off on Tuesday! 
Be sure to arrive early on Tuesday so that you have plenty of time to register for the event, and so you have time to network with other Funnel Hackers the night before we get started!

Remember what happened at FHL 2018?

Some CRAZY storms rolled through the U.S. (including Orlando) on Tuesday evening, and soooo many flights got backed up, and flat-out cancelled.     

A lot of entrepreneurs who planned to arrive Tuesday night couldn’t get in until Wednesday, and they missed the opening presentations and speakers.

I’ve got some really cool things planned out for early Wednesday, and you do NOT want to still be traveling, and get a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out…)

So...word to the wise...plan to arrive early enough on Tuesday with plenty of time to settle in, register, and network! ;) 
Wednesday February 20th
Vendor Speed Dating / Networking Event
 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM - Meet Top ClickFunnels Vendors And Other Funnel Hackers (Food And Beverage Available)
Imagine a giant room where you can connect with 100 of ClickFunnels’ TOP vendors, and network with countless service providers.
Nobody is an expert at EVERYTHING...which means, the connections that you make at Funnel Hacking Live are priceless. You might be thinking:
“How do I get my back-end set up?”
“I need a designer…”
“Where do I find a good traffic person?”
“I need help building-out my funnels...”
We’ve got you more than covered!

This is your time to network with:
Funnel builders. Facebook experts. Copywriters.
Every connection that you need to get your funnel in place and push your business to the next level will be IN THIS ROOM.

With so many experts in ONE room at this giant Networking & Vendor Event, I guarantee that there is someone that can help you with EVERY aspect of building your funnel.
Interested in being a vendor?  Click here for more info
Wednesday, February 20th
DOORS Officially OPEN @ 12:00 PM
Day 1 - The Foundation
 Wednesday, February 20th
Russell Brunson
Stacey Martino
Alex Charfen
Amanda & Nicholas Bayerle
Russell Brunson
How To Become The 'Greatest Showman' 
In Your Your Market...
How Do You Become That Great Showman For Your Own Company, And Create A “Show”...
... a fascinating spectacle where people can’t help but take notice of you, stop what they are doing, and start following you?

And how do you continue that ‘show-like experience’ throughout every aspect of your business?

Your ad campaigns…

Your messaging...

Re-engaging with your list and followers…

Getting your affiliates excited to promote for you…
How Do You Make It So That The Only Thing Your Followers Are Talking About Is YOU?
You’ve seen the noise that we’re making here at ClickFunnels.

I’m going to deconstruct what we are doing in our company to fill our funnels and make it rain (and why), so you can become the Greatest Showman in your specific market, and have your followers’ attention transfixed on YOU.
Stacey Martino
If You Really Love Them,
Keep Them Going Up Your Value Ladder...
Since She Turned Her Mission Into a Business, Stacey and Her Husband Paul, Have SAVED OVER 10,000+ MARRIAGES!
Through her own unique life journey, Stacey uncovered the secret to transforming relationships singlehandedly, when she had to figure out a way to save her own dying relationship.

After saving and then transforming her marriage, Stacey, and her husband Paul, started to help others who were in the same tough spot that they were once in.

Stacey and Paul developed a methodology that PROVED it only takes ONE PERSON to transform ANY relationship. Since then, Stacey & Paul have become leading experts in saving and transforming marriages all around the world! They literally are...
Changing The Way Relationship is Done!
What is most interesting for us Funnel Hackers is in how they take their Relationship Transformers on a journey to transform their marriages and their lives.

How to Ascend Your Customers Along Their "Yellow Brick Road"

See behind the scenes of the student journey that Stacey and Paul take their raving-fan customers on, how they ascend through the value ladder...

...And how (and why) over 90% of Stacey's students continue to invest in her programs as they ascend up her value ladder... and how if you REALLY love your customers, you'll become a master of their Yellow Brick Road journey as well!
Stephen Larsen
The Lost Art Of The Pre-Funnel
"The Most Important Steps Happen BEFORE You Open ClickFunnels..."
As Funnel Hackers, it is SO easy to just jump immediately into building your funnel...

I totally get it…
  •  You've got the vision...
  • You're ready to make magic happen...
  •  You're taking MASSIVE, imperfect action...
  •  You're building out your funnel pages...
You’re ready to LAUNCH this thing!...right?

BUT- if you want to set your business up to make it rain, there’s a lot that needs to happen BEFORE you start building a single page of your funnel…    
And THIS is the biggest mistake...
This is one of the most common mistakes I see many entrepreneurs CONSISTENTLY making… 

They build a funnel that is generic and unclear, and then try to fill in the details “later”.

And then they wonder why it doesn’t convert.

ALL of these vital steps need to come first.   
Pay attention, because this next part is critical...
You can have a really GREAT offer, and a crappy funnel, and still have a booming business.

Trust me, I’ve seen some bad funnels that make a ton of money.
If you have a BAD offer, and try to mask it with an amazing, beautiful looking funnel... IT WON’T WORK.

You won’t make any money, and you won’t have a business.

Stephen’s presentation will help you get clear on all the details that need to come first, so that when you do sit down to build your funnel, you’ve already got all the essentials in place, ready to plugin and start running.
Alex Charfen
The Secret To Organically Growing Your Audience:
Defend and Advocate...
If you want to get people to come to you, and build your tribe…
...The most powerful thing you can do to create that magnetic “client attraction” factor is to defend and advocate for them! 

They feel connected to you...

They know you have their best interest at heart...

They feel like you understand them...

They resonate with you.

When Alex started his new company, he had to start back at “Square One” with a foundational question…

“Who are my people?” 
“Who am I trying to help?”
“Who do I LOVE to work with?”

After identifying his dream customers, he started to publicly "defend and advocate" for them, and what happened next was incredible.
  •  Hundreds of thousands of downloads to his podcast...
  •  Multi-Million dollar consulting company created and filled with his dream clients overnight...
  •  Free Press...
  •  Tons of organic, referral traffic...
  •  Speaking engagements...
  •  And MORE!
Alex will teach you how to do defend and advocate for YOUR customer group, so they are excited to share your message with others who are like them, and they’ll magnetically be drawn to you.      
Matt Maddix
How To Raise A Young Entrepreneur...
Matt Maddix is the incredible father of Caleb Maddix, a young entrepreneur who I invited to speak on stage at Funnel Hacking LIVE two years ago.

It’s impossible not to be blown away and impressed with what Caleb has been able to accomplish at such a young age.

But my first thought after meeting Caleb was, "I want to meet his dad."
There’s a MAJOR internal-dilemma that Alot of Entrepreneurs with kids experience... 
On one hand, you want your kids to grow up to be self-sufficient, grateful, flourishing citizens who go out and make a difference in the world...right? (that part is obvious…)

But, there’s ALSO a part of the Entrepreneur's brain that wants to give your children all the cool things and opportunities that you didn’t have as a child.  

I have 5 kids...I feel this internal struggle every day.

So often, the things that we give to, and do for our children to try and HELP them in life, are the very things that end up HURTING them in the long run... 

As I've been trying to raise my kids in a "video game" world, I've looked to and admired Matt Maddix, and how he has successfully raised a young entrepreneur. 
Learn How To Create An Environment That Will Help Your Children Thrive...
Matt will share with you how you can structure your home life, your environment, and your path in a way that actually produces excited, ambitious young entrepreneurs!
Amanda & Nicholas Bayerle
Entrepreneurship And It's Effect On Your Most Intimate Relationships In Your Life...
Nicholas Bayerle is the face of his company “Billion Dollar Body”. He runs the business side-by-side with his wife, Amanda, an entrepreneur who manages most of the behind-the-scenes operations.

It can be an exciting thing to grow a business with your spouse (either alongside you as your support, or growing it with you as a business partner).
You want to build a legacy together, which is so powerful...

But for so many Entrepreneurs and their spouses, there’s either a glaring GAP between the dream of what you wanted to create, and the day-to-day reality… 

Or, the business is growing, but at the expense of your marriage.
Amanda and Nicholas will share their secrets behind what it takes to build and grow your company...While Protecting Your Relationship At The Same Time.
They are going to pull back the curtain on how they create BALANCE and flow between the business hustle and time spent together as a couple.

You can support each other and push your partner into their destiny... 

You can create a business where you feel like you can take BOLD action, without the fear of your partner’s disapproval holding you back...

And together as unified partners, you can both RUN (not walk) toward the next level in your business! 
As many of you know, the main social mission of ClickFunnels is to help liberate children from slavery, and then educate them so they can change their own world.  We do this trough two charities that we support.  

At last year's Funnel Hacking LIVE we did a private screening of "Operation Toussaint," the documentary that has helped now raise over a million dollars to help children, and this year we have even more amazing things planned!
“Operation Triple Take” Documentary
Meet The Heroic Team Members Behind Their Mission!
Every Funnel You Build and Goes Live, We Donate $1  
to building schools in Kenya
Thursday, February 21st
Day 2 - The Funnels
 Thursday, February 21st
Russell Brunson
Natasha Hazlett
Bailey Richert
Russell Brunson
Acquisition. Ascension. Monetization.
So...which is the better approach?  
Natasha Hazlett & Cristy "Code Red" Nickel 
How To Generate $100k In 30 Days With A Non-Traditional Book Funnel
Natasha is a lawyer turned Entrepreneur.

She had some success when she built her business online, but then faced a lot of challenges that were slowing her progress...

Natasha had a powerful story and book that she wanted to sell, but struggled to get the numbers to work with a traditional “free + shipping” offer.  
So she switched things up…
She launched her first 'Contest' Funnel, (where she increased her book price from free+shipping to $47, and attached it to a contest).
In the first 30 days alone, Natasha generated over $100,000 in sales!
Not only did Natasha have overwhelming success with this new model, she helped her client, Cristy Nickel, a health coach, implement the Contest Funnel into her business.

Cristy's online business took off with the contest funnel, and she went from zero to joining the Two Comma Club in just ONE YEAR!

At FHL, you’ll get to hear from both women!

Natasha will share with you the strategy behind how the Contest Funnel works, so you can implement it in YOUR business.

And Cristy will share behind the scenes of her contest launches and how she's using them to change the lives of those she serves!   
Bailey Richert 
Explode Your Reach 30x With Just One Online Event!
Bailey is a summit funnel strategist and coach.

She helps beginning and expert businesses, grow and scale through virtual summits.  It is a powerful way to grow your company FAST.  

It allows you to leverage the lists of many people who are already connecting directly with your ideal customers, and explode your own list with just one event.

She also has used virtual summits to grow her own company, and in fact... 
Her first 6-Figure funnel was a Virtual Summit Funnel!
Bailey is currently managing a major ClickFunnels virtual summit project that will launch soon called “The 30 Days Interview Series”.

She will show you behind-the-scenes of how the most successful summits work, and how you can launch your own virtual summit easily!
Dean Graziosi
How To Get 5,000+ Buyers PER WEEK Using Infomercial-Style Videos On Your Favorite Social Networks

Dean Graziosi got his start at just 19 years old with his very first infomercial called “Motor Millions”.

It sold infoproducts showing people how to buy and flip cars.

After that, he went on to do infomercials about real estate.   
Dean was on TV every single day for over 20 years…
A few years ago, he made the decision to shut down his business, and start over from scratch.

This time, he decided he wanted to be in the Personal Development space… 

So he wrote a well-known book called “Millionaire Success Habits”.

Instead of running his book through an infomercial on TV, (like he had done hundreds of times in the past), he tried a new approach...   
He took all of the infomercial skills he had acquired,
and moved them ONLINE.  
In fact,

You’ve probably seen his ads everywhere… 
They’re on 
  •  Facebook
That’s because he’s taking the SAME strategies that worked so well with his infomercials...and he’s now applying them ONLINE through video.   
How’s that working for Dean?  
He sells 5,000 copies of his “Millionaire Success Habits” book EACH WEEK!

But more importantly, because he was able to transition his infomercial skills ONLINE and create a book funnel, the COST for Dean to acquire a new customer has never been lower! 
Ray Higdon
How To Build A Profitable Culture That Creates Raving Fans 
Who LOVE You And Your Company
Ray is a long-time friend and expert in the Network Marketing industry.

Last year he had an idea for a new type of funnel that would create a paid community…
Each month, Ray creates incredible marketing campaigns that draw in new streams of followers…

But here’s what’s really fascinating…

Once his followers become a part of this paid community, they FULLY embrace the cult-ure he’s built...and they STAY because they love him and the environment so much!  

Waves of new community members join every single month...and almost nobody leaves!

Learn exactly what Ray is doing to build his mega-profitable cult-ure of raving fans who LOVE their community and want to STAY a part of it.
This Is The Strategy That Catapulted Ray Into The Two Comma Club In Just 3 Months
Ray will take you inside his different monthly campaigns, and show you not only how they work, but...
  •  How to build a FAST-growing, mega-profitable community
  •  How to transform followers to ‘raving fans’ who love your company
  •  The strategy behind his Two Comma Club success

Jaime Cross
The 5 Minute "Perfect Webinar" For Ecommerce Funnels! 
Did you know that most of the TOP 10 highest grossing funnels in ClickFunnels are Ecommerce funnels?

In fact, Jamie Cross has taken Ecommerce funnels to a whole new level by combining it with the Perfect Webinar (typically used in other types of funnels selling information products).

After reading “Expert Secrets”, Jamie decided to try using The Perfect Webinar to sell her skincare products.
“But Russell...I thought webinars were only for experts who want to sell pricier offers, like coaching services, courses, and info-products!”  
The truth is, The Perfect Webinar is a sales process you can use to sell ANYTHING online. 

Jaime has proven you can do it with soap!

The Perfect Webinar is an end-to-end sales script that takes your potential customer through the entire buyer’s journey. 

Jaime will take you behind the scenes of her skincare business to show you how she blends the Perfect Webinar into her Ecommerce funnel… 

PLUS: she is going to do her entire 5-Minute "ecommerce" perfect webinar LIVE for you to see!

And, she’ll share with you exactly how she went from Funnel Hacking LIVE 2017 (where she showed up literally BROKE and not knowing what to do)...
“...To earning her Two Comma Club award THE VERY SAME DAY of the awards ceremony at Funnel Hacking LIVE 2018!
She was truly just one funnel away... and so are you!
John Parkes
How To Use “The Boomerang Effect” To Keep Your Customers Coming Back, Again and Again!
Imagine an “invisible” behind-the-scenes force in your business that keeps your visitors moving ALL the way through to the end of your funnel…

And if any of your visitors drop off or leave your funnel early, these forces are activated and BOOM!...they go out and return your visitor right back to where they left off in your funnel.

That’s why we call it The Boomerang Effect...and John is an absolute master at it! 
What exactly is the Boomerang Effect?
It’s a well-orchestrated plan that keeps your customers exactly where you want them - moving and ascending through your funnel!

By adding in The Boomerang Effect that John will show you, it can mean the difference in a funnel that flops, and a funnel that earns a Two Comma (or even 8-Figure) award.   

John is currently one of the Two Comma Club X coaches, and works with entrepreneurs to help them dial in their traffic and explode their growth.

Julie Stoian
Building a Powerhouse Funnel Agency Inside Your Business
To Grow Faster Than Your Competitors Can Keep Up With...
Last year, I realized that the most profitable thing we could do to grow our business is to create an internal “agency”, where ClickFunnels is our only client. 
That’s WHY ClickFunnels Has Grown So Big And Fast Over The Last Year!
We’re able to create so many funnels, try new offers, and get our products out to market FAST.

Whether you want to build an external agency to build funnels for others… 

...or possibly model the ClickFunnels structure and create an internal agency for yourself…

Julie is the primary person running our internal agency, and also teaches funnelbuilding in our Two Comma Club X program.

Prior to her work with ClickFunnels, she spent years running her own funnel agency, generating a ton of buzz and authority with her funnel building skills when she helped her clients hit the Two Comma Club.
She then went on to build her own Two Comma Club funnel with her own brand and course As Well!
She knows a ton about running a funnel agency, either as a service business, or as an in-house team in house like we do!  

Julie will show you the key components you need to build a powerhouse agency that can turn out profitable funnels QUICKLY.

If you LOVE all things funnel-related, if Internet marketing gets you pumped, if you don't have a product to sell and want to build an agency, or if you want to create an in-house marketing team that's unstoppable...this presentation is for you.
Russell, Todd and Ryan
ClickFunnels State 
Of The Union
Each year at Funnel Hacking LIVE, Co-Founder Todd Dickerson and CTO Ryan Montgomery join me on stage to give a ClickFunnels 'State Of The Union'.

We’ll recap the big changes and developments that have happened since the last Funnel Hacking LIVE...and more importantly, it’s our chance to spill the beans on all the insanely cool new features being rolled out! 
But here’s why you’ll REALLY love this session…
Traditionally, we’ve given FHL attendees EXCLUSIVE access to the new features six months before it opens up to everyone else.

We usually have something cool or special up our sleeve to release during the State Of The Union session, just for our FHL attendees.

What’s in store for this year’s State Of The Union topics?

You’ll hear more about the progression of Actionetics MD, and how our top producers are using MD to bring in more sales.

And, you’ll hear about TWO NEW PRODUCTS coming out that have already been causing some not-so-quiet whispers and buzz!
Our patented CRM software that will help you to easily manage your customers, and progress your contacts through your CRM pipeline so they become customers.

(Once you see how Pypeline works with Actionetics MD, you’ll understand why THIS is the future of all CRM!) 
Our new membership platform that we’re developing (...and I can’t wait show you WHY this is going to render all other membership platforms obsolete…)

These are just a few of the really cool new developments we’re rolling out!  

Make sure to attend this session, as we tend to launch “early access” on some new features LIVE from the stage exclusively for FHL attendees!   
Round Table Event
With Two Comma Club Award Winners
Have you ever heard the saying: 
"You are the AVERAGE income of your five closest friends?"
There is some major truth behind that phrase!

Which means...

If you want to grow your business, so that you can get into the Two Comma Club… need to surround yourself with Two Comma Club award winners who have actually been there and done that!

At this event, you’ll have access to 50 Two Comma Club award winners who are sitting at round tables, and are ready and willing to HELP YOU OUT.

This is your chance to pick their brain, get your burning questions answered, strike up a new friendship, and build relationships with the RIGHT people who can help guide you and take you from where you are right now, to where you want to be! 
Friday, February 22nd
Day 3 - The Traffic 
 Friday, February 22nd
Garrett J. White
Brendon Burchard
Russell Brunson
Garrett J. White
How To Close The Gap Between Where You Are, And Where You Want To Be...
It’s known as The Gap”...

It’s that frustrating (and sometimes inspiring) space between where you are right now in your business… 

In your life…
In your marriage…
In your health…
...and where you actually want to be.
EVERY entrepreneur has this gap (I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t).

Which begs the question… Why is that GAP even there in the first place?
What’s creating the GAPS in your life that are holding you back from building your business the way you dreamed it would be? 

And more importantly… 
What would become possible for you, if you could close those gaps?
That’s exactly what Garrett J. White is going to help you do…

Garrett will help you get ON POINT and ready-to-go, with a clear execution map that shows step by step how to get you from where you’re at now, to where you want to be.

Garrett implements this map with THOUSANDS of his Wake Up Warrior clients each year...and it is one of the most powerful tools he uses to assist others to get RESULTS.
Jim Edwards
Make ‘Em Thirsty, Then Sell ‘Em A Drink!
Have you ever thought about WHY bars and clubs happily Hand out bowls of popcorn and peanuts to snack on for free? 
I’m sure the owner is probably nice, but they aren’t doing it to be hospitable…

They’re giving you salty food so you become very thirsty, and then they sell more drinks!   

It is a SUPER effective strategy!  

And it’s NOT just for the food and beverage business…
The same incredible strategy can be used to make Your Customers Thirsty For Your Products & Services too!
I often get asked…

“Russell...What’s the best way to SELL?”

Should you use STORIES?
Or traditional SALES COPY?    

The truth is, it’s not about using one or the need to use both together… 

To quote Jim,  
“Stories make people thirsty for what you’re selling, and sales copy tells them where to go to buy a drink.”
But how do you do that, exactly? 

Jim will share four ways to make people want what you sell!
Yara Golden
How To Get Your Readers To Open EVERY Email, Read EVERY Word, And Come Back For More...
Yara got her start in online business as a Relationship Coach. As she worked with couples in challenged relationships, she quickly discovered something she couldn’t ignore...
Most relationships struggle because of BAD communication.
She became drawn to the idea of what the keys are to being a GREAT communicator...and how a simple shift in communication can dramatically repair and build not just personal relationships, but entire businesses!

The same goes for Entrepreneurs...

Most entrepreneurs struggle in business because of BAD communication with their followers and customers.

Yara started writing story-based emails for businesses to bridge the communication gap between Entrepreneurs and their followers.

She began writing emails for Jaime Cross’s business...and Jaime’s business exploded.

She wrote emails for other people’s businesses, and got the SAME amazing result! She now writes story-based emails for ClickFunnels, and has perfected her process over the years.
Yara will show you how she uses story-selling emails to connect (or reconnect) with your audience, build your rapport, engage them in a conversational way.
This is the secret behind getting your followers to open your emails, read through every word top-to-bottom, and come back for more!
Brendon Burchard
The 7-Day Launch Funnel
You’ve probably heard about the widely known Product Launch Funnel...right?

A LOT of online Entrepreneurs have used this method to rapidly build their business, (like Jeff Walker, who has popularized this funnel).
Traditionally, a big, well-planned product launch is a 3-4 week ordeal...
  •  Get your JVs/Affiliates in order
  •  Throw out some teasers
  •  Start building buzz
  •  Get pre-launch content out
  •  Give several days of amazing high-value teaching
  •  Follow up a million times before the launch closes
Brendon needed to do a Product Launch, but he ran into a problem...

His schedule was so packed, he didn’t have 4 WEEKS open in his calendar. 
He had SevenDays available….that’s it!
So he re-engineered the traditional Product Launch Funnel to fit inside his tight window of availability…

...and invented what is now known as the 7-Day Launch Funnel.

The first time Brendon tried this, he generated over $3 Million dollars, just from his internal list (NO outside promotion), during a one-week campaign!

A couple of months later, Brendon tried it again, and got a similar result AGAIN!

Brendon knew he was onto something big….so he showed a handful of online marketing friends, including myself.

In fact, during my “Expert Secrets” book launch, I used Brendon’s exact 7 Day Launch Funnel…
In just 7 days, we generated over
$1 Million using Brendon’s process...
Brendon has never taught this publicly before, (with the exception of once at a closed $10,000 mastermind group.)

If you’ve struggled to sell your products or services in the past, this presentation will be a huge eye-opener for you!
Russell Brunson
Traffic Secrets/How To Fill Your Funnels & Make It Rain
Shortly after Funnel Hacking LIVE 2019, I’ll launch my next book, called “Traffic Secrets”.

I want YOU (the FHL community) to be the first entrepreneurs that I share these traffic-driving concepts and processes with...

This is a very special presentation, because you’ll get a chance to learn about and implement my highest-performing secrets to driving traffic BEFORE the book is even released to the public!

I’ll be giving you detailed concepts of how to drive continuous streams of traffic, and make it rain for your company.
Sorry, But This Is NOT Your “Same Ol’ Traffic Book”!
I won’t be discussing traditional traffic, like Facebook or...

• YouTube…
• Instagram…
• Twitter…
• LinkedIn...


Because any of those traffic platforms could be completely obsolete or dead in 5 or 10 years.
I’m going to share with you something that supersedes ALL of those!
The true core foundation of driving traffic is something that has been long forgotten and lost...

Something that entrepreneurs used way back in the very early 1900s, before the internet was even fathomed…

Something that isn’t the next “flash in the pan” trending method, but lost concepts that have brilliantly stood the test of time, and still work more than a century later…

It seems like every time Facebook changes its algorithms, people get their feathers in a ruffle, and start to freak out…right?
At ClickFunnels, there’s never a need to worry about the platforms that go through growing pains and algorithm changes.  Why?
Because we understand the FOUNDATION of how to drive trafficwhich is something that most entrepreneurs have completely forgotten... 

...or never actually learned, because they jumped straight into Facebook simply because it was the HOT trend.

I’m going to share with you the foundational concepts behind building a crumble-proof way to drive traffic!   

So that no matter the ups and downs of social platforms… 

You can STILL drive continuous streams of traffic, and you can STILL make it rain for your business!
The Oscars Of Entrepreneurship
Every year, the BEST part of the FHL event is watching entrepreneurs walk across the stage and receive their award for hitting some HUGE milestones in their business...  

Imagine a Red Carpet event for business, where Entrepreneurs with the TOP performing funnels are there to accept their award!  

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road, so this is their chance to walk across the stage and be recognized for their success, and the service that they are doing for the world.

But the most inspiring thing is the fact that most of our award recipients are Entrepreneurs just like you who came to past years of Funnel Hacking LIVE…

• They sat in the seats
• They listened to the presentations
• They went to the networking events in the evening

...And they watched others walk across the stage to receive their award, and thought:
“That’s going to be ME next year at FHL!"
I can’t tell you how many award winners have shared their story with me...saying that something special was ignited when they watched the awards ceremony, and made a commitment to being on stage getting their own award the following year.
It All Started With The 
“Dream Car” Award...
In 2016, we wanted to recognize entrepreneurs who helped us share ClickFunnels with others as an affiliate.

So we created an ongoing Dream Car contest…

Since the contest began, we’ve given away 62 Dream Car Awards! And at FHL, we’re on track to give away awards to 20 NEW Dream Car winners! 

Imagine having your Dream Car PAID for, simply by sharing the news about ClickFunnels with others…
What kind of cars have our affiliates won?
• Fancy sports cars
• Luxury sedans and SUVs
• Souped-up trucks with “all the trimmings”
• We’ve even had a mom choose a Mini-van so she could haul around her family!
Then, We Added In The
“Two Comma Club” Award...
Two years ago, we added a very special award for Entrepreneurs who reached a major financial milestone in their business...

Whenever a funnel generates OVER $1,000,000 inside of ClickFunnels - we induct it into what we call the "Two Comma Club."
At FHL 2017, we gave away Two Comma Club plaques to 85 deserving entrepreneurs. 
At FHL 2018, more than DOUBLE that number walked across the stage to be recognized and receive their award...In fact, several entrepreneurs had multiple funnels that have made them over 7-figures each!
We Raised The Bar With The
“Two Comma Club X” Award...
(Over 8-Figures From A Funnel)
Last year, something amazing happened at ClickFunnels…

Several of our entrepreneurs were generating so much money in their business, that they blew far past their Two Comma Club milestone!

We wanted to recognize entrepreneurs who 10X’d their business from $1 Million to $10 Million!   

But we didn’t have an award beyond “Two Comma Club”.  So we created a new one... 
Last year, we introduced “The Two Comma Club X”, where we recognized 17 entrepreneurs for generating over $10 Million inside their funnel! 
Saturday, February 23rd
DOORS officially OPEN @ 8am
Day 4 - Impact and Legacy
 Saturday, February 23rd
Brendon Burchard
Lindsey Stirling
Myron Golden
How To Become A Master “CLOSER”
(Without Having To Use Sales Tactics That Make You Squirm) 
If you were at our event last year, you probably heard that Myron closed an extra $3.2 Million at Funnel Hacking LIVE in just 30 minutes…
How’d he do it?
He did this by telling very specific STORIES that create an emotional response with the audience.

He used these stories to create a bridge that connected the PROBLEM entrepreneurs were facing with the exact SOLUTION they knew they needed.

The result?

A roomful of of entrepreneurs sold themselves on the solution, without a traditional sales pitch.


Myron will break down his TOP closing strategies and techniques step by step, so you can use them in YOUR business to exponentially grow your bottom line.
Brendon Burchard
High Performance Academy
You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life”...right?

But which habits did “they” mean, exactly?
Which are the most important in helping you create lasting transformation in your life, so you can achieve success?

There are plenty of Entrepreneurs out there who practice good habits… 

• They are organized
• Self-starting
• They know what they need to accomplish that day

All great habits...right?

And yet, most will say that their business (and sometimes life) STILL isn’t performing the way they want. 
So, What’s The Difference, Then?
Where’s The Disconnect?
Why is it so easy for some people to build and scale a high-performing business, and others STRUGGLE every step of the way? 
What is it that the TOP high-performing Entrepreneurs are doing to achieve such success…
...that everyone else is missing?
Brendon will share with you the powerful secrets behind how to reach heightened and sustained success. 

These are the fundamental performance secrets to becoming truly extraordinary in every area of...

• Your life... 
• Your business…
• Your health…
• Your relationships…
• Your family…

And in your contribution to the world.
 Special Campfire Chat:
Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey is a Violinist, Composer, Songwriter, and Performance Artist…

In 2010, Lindsey took the stage and auditioned for America’s Got Talent, and she made the cut!  She even made it through several rounds, but eventually ended up hearing this from the judges...

“You’re not good enough” they said…  

“It’s not enough to fill a theatre in Vegas” they said…
Thank goodness she didn’t listen…
...because she proved them all WRONG
Lindsey got to work, and started using the power of the internet to catapult her into stardom!

She started creating partnerships with other mega-influencers, where they could cross-promote their channels and brand.

The results?

Her YouTube music video “Crystallize” was the 8th most watched video in 2012. She went from “zero” to over 10 Million YouTube subscribers, and over 1.9 BILLION views! She has two Billboard Music awards, chart-topping hits, and SOLD OUT tours worldwide!   
Here’s what I want to know…
You don’t just go from zero to long-lasting YouTube sensation on your own…

I’m going to sit down with Lindsey and figure out the marketing behind her famous music videos and sold out shows.

I’m going to ask ALL the questions, like… 

• “How did you start and build your YouTube channel?”
• “What did you do to create your following?”
• “How do you ascend your followers from binge-watching your free videos on YouTube to seeing you LIVE in concert?”

...and so many more!

"Watch Lindsey Stirling LIVE In A Private Concert On The FHL Stage! 
Russell Brunson
Plata O Plomo
When you leave an event like this, I want to make sure you go home equipped with everything you need to find 'your' funnel, build it, fill it, and transform your business and life.

There is so much that gets covered in just a few days…

• Strategy
• Tactics
• Mindset

So many things to implement…How do you start applying it all?

What do you do first?

How do you not go home overwhelmed by everything you just learned?

And more importantly, how do you take that high energy and inspiration of the event home with you, and use it to propel your business forward?
I’ll show you how to systematize everything you learn throughout the event, so that when you get home, you can hit the ground running!

You’ll know exactly what you need to do to execute your plan! 
ClickFunnels currently has OVER 65,000+ active members...
But We ONLY have 4,500 tickets. 
So, BEST CASE scenario, less than 5% of our active members can come.

Tickets will sell out, again (4 years in a row)... 

So, if you know that you've been called to be there... 

If you KNOW that you're just 1 funnel away, and you're ready to take that leap of faith...

Then get your tickets now.   They may not be here tomorrow. 
Special Bonus: First 2,000 Members ONLY...
Before You Come To This Years Event... BINGE Listen To The MP3's (And Read From The "Official Notes") From The Last 4 Funnel Hacking LIVE's...
Video #1: Click Above To See What You Missed At This Event...
Video #2: Click Above To See What You Missed At This Event...
Video #3: Click Above To See What You Missed At This Event...
If You Are One Of The First 2,000 Who Buy Tickets For This Year's FHL, We Will Ship You A Pre-Loaded MP3 Player AND A 400+ Page Spiral Bound Book With All Of The Notes From The Past 4 Years!     
We ONLY have 2,000 to give out! 
Russell Brunson
Plata O Plomo
When you leave an event like this, I want to make sure you go home equipped with everything you need to find 'your' funnel, build it, fill it, and transform your business and life.

There is so much that gets covered in just a few days…

• Strategy
• Tactics
• Mindset

So many things to implement…How do you start applying it all?

What do you do first?

How do you not go home overwhelmed by everything you just learned?

And more importantly, how do you take that high energy and inspiration of the event home with you, and use it to propel your business forward?
I’ll show you how to systematize everything you learn throughout the event, so that when you get home, you can hit the ground running!

You’ll know exactly what you need to do to execute your plan! 
Thanks again, and we're SO excited to see you at the event!
Russell Brunson
P.S. - I almost forgot to mention, right now we have our "early bird" pricing on this page.  When the clock hits 00:00:00, then we're going back to full price.  So NOW is the time to lock in your tickets before this price is gone forever.

P.P.S. - You've got to admit after watching the videos... this isn't a normal "marketing" event...

This is not JUST about building funnels... this is about BECOMING who you need to be, so you can change the world in your own little way.   

God has given you a gift - we're here to help you magnify it.  Come and join us at this years Funnel Hacking LIVE.
Funnel Hacking LIVE Event FAQ's...
What Are The Dates For "Funnel Hacking LIVE 2019"?
Registration starts on February 19th from 4-9PM, the event is happening February 20th through 23rd in Nashville, TN. The event kicks off at 12:30PM on the 20th and concludes around 5PM on the 23rd.
Where Is The Venue For The Event?
The event will be hosted at the Gaylord Opryland: 2800 Opryland Drive, Nashville, TN 37214. You can book your hotel room here >>
I'm Trying To Book My Travel. What Times Do I Need To Know About?
Event registration will be on Tuesday, Feb 19 from 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM. The event will conclude around 6:00 PM on Saturday February 23rd.  
Fly into Nashville International Airport (BNA). It's 15 minutes from the event venue.
Can Anyone Attend This Event?
Yes, if you have (or want to have) a successful sales funnel, then this LIVE event is for you!
Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event.  
Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
We are not offering refunds or transfer of tickets. 
What Should I Wear?
The dress code is business casual for the event. Our meeting room WILL be on the cool side, so plan accordingly and bring an additional sweater, wrap, or jacket.
Any Other Questions?
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